Day 8: Lower Body Challenge
Courtney Miller
Class 3926

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Great exercises! Really enjoying this challenge.
loving this challenge!
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Has anybody tried doing two of these back to back for a longer workout?
Ann I've been doing one of these with a more traditional 10 minute mat, especially one more ab focused. I don't think I could hack two of these back to back!
Ann, yes, I've done two back-to-back and it makes for a nice workout.
Enjoying this challenge. Have just done this back to back with Day 7.  Definitely pushed me. Thank you Courtney.
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Ann I completed the complete challenge day by day the first time through.  On my second "go round" I'm doing two a day.   I'm probably one of the older practitioners on this challenge at 69 and I wouldn't say I am "camera ready" or doing the HIIT exercises nearly as rapidly as Courtney. I am finding that I have a little more verve and have been doing the second non adaptive version more often.
….and I always make time to do the recovery workout when I'm done!
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I'm loving this challenge Courtney, you're such a great instructor...thank you!   
Loving the challenge Courtney! 
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