Day 8: Lower Body Challenge
Courtney Miller
Class 3926

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Perfect amount of challenge as I get back into things following an illness. Had to take a break in between days, but am feeling accomplished. Really loving this.
I have enjoyed each day of your workouts and appreciate the progressions.  Today was my absolute favorite.  I have found that when in a low forearm plank, it helps to externally rotate the shoulders and draw the scapula downwards, if I keep my forearms parallel instead of in a triangle.
Tough one but so lovely
Love this one! Definitely burns your butt by the end :P 
 I love this challenge and l like how it mixes cardio and core. It's perfect for me when l have little time and l need to move my body without putting too much strain on my joints.  I will definitely  try and put two work outs together. This website couldn't  be better for pilates training. I am so glad l have found it. 

A doozy! Loved it.
I def recommend doing two of these back to back with the cool down at the end!! 
I am loving every day, but I always feel I need one or two more.
Another great one! Dripping with SWEAT!
Love the modifications! Thank you.
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