Active Aging Mat
Amy Havens
Class 3941

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Love this class and your clear cues and teaching! Thank you, I will be using this with my clients today!
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I think no matter what age is everybody should take this class to feel the control, strength, focus in simple basic movements which are not that easy to do; great class ; thank you so much AMy 
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Wonderful, clear instruction.  So appreciated.
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Thank you Amy.great inspiration.
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Excellent class thank you 
Cigdem Cynthia Paulinka Chris Thank you!!!  I truly value you for taking the time to leave a comment here for me!  Glad you all enjoyed this class and yes, it's for ANYONE!

Nice, thoughtful class. Do you have other osteoporosis friendly classes Amy? 
As always a great class.  Thanks for thinking about us over 60s
Excellent ideas for some of my clients Amy, thank you very much, great cueing!
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