Back Body Reformer<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 3942

Back Body Reformer
Amy Havens
Class 3942

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Valya Karcher
This was great, Amy. Very nice for adding spice to my teaching week : ) Thank you!
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I am in love with your classes, harder than it looks too. Theraband is ingenious to get folks to feel the back of the legs and glutes. Go Amy...
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Great routine! However the straps are very distracting, I always remove them before I start jumping. 
Sara Ellis-Owen
Loved the class- thank you. Have never tried arm jumping while lying on a box before!
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Loved this class!  Like using the theraband, and the unilateral leg work.  Thank you:)
Erin W
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Oooooh SO YUMMY! Thank you Amy, I feel so tall and strong
Anna B
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I love her voice calm. She seems so humble at heart. Some of the dancer teachers seem a bit too proud & loud. I just love her. She has great ideas. 
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The beginning band work provided greater focus for jumping. My entire back body feels connected!  While all the instructors have a lot to offer you are consistently my favorite! 
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Love the jump board work and the theraband connections-thank you Amy for another great class💜
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Perfect Amy...I always love your seeminly “easy” must be your voice...nice and calm while my muscles are working like crazy!!
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