Improving Movement Patterns<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 3960

Improving Movement Patterns
Meredith Rogers
Class 3960

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What a class! What an instruction so well given and how pleased to see the student's effort turning into each repetition into perfect execution. Congratulations to both
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Amazing! I love watching you teach Meredith! Thank you! 
Thanks so much ladies!  Tucker is an outstanding student so she makes me look good!
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Just made the wunda chair more interesting
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This looks awesome now how do we teach like this when we can’t touch people and stay six feet away? Also let’s say you have a 60 yr old Still as a board guy how would you modify exercises like the half roll back , teaser prep ... thanks! 
Elizabeth of course we can't teach like this now.  Who could have known when this class was filmed the state of the world today? 
If I have a 60 year old stiff as a board guy I choose exercises that will help develop deep core strength and flexibility.  Half roll backs can be done holding onto the legs or with a theraband though I might choose to teach some simple chest lifts instead.  I typically don't give teasers (even the prep) to this population unless they have enough strength and flexibility to do a simple half roll back or even a roll up.  When I do decide to progress them, a great way to modify is to hold a door between their legs in teaser prep as it helps to provide stabilization.  Hope this is helpful.
Ember Hopkins
Very Informative! Thank you.
Glad to hear it Ember Hopkins!
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