Functional Reformer 3<br>Tom McCook<br>Class 3963

Functional Reformer 3
Tom McCook
Class 3963

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Amazing! I’m so happy I was nice to myself and took the time for this class today. Thank you very much!
Great class! Loved all the variations.  Especially liked Mermaid on the box and the thigh stretch.  Loved the whole class!  Thank you:)
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A gift🙏🙏
Mercedes L
Just finished it and I feel amazing. Thanks so much! 
Kate A
I loved the twists/stretches at the end. This class had a great flow, and was perfect for a full body workout!
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Thanks for this wonderful class.  I love all of your classes!!
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What a lovely Christmas gift that was! Really improved the connection from my feet to my core that i tend to struggle with. That video together with Madeline Black's Foot Workout (which i feel is nice to practice before in order to wake up the perception of the feet) will for sure be something i come back to often next year  
Awesome, thank you.. Watched couple of times!!
Thank you very much for that precious Xmas gift!!! I wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a very happy, healthy and joyful new year, dear Tom McCook. 🍾🥂
Michele M
Just what I needed too! Hope everyone’s holidays are filled with love, joy and cheer:) Thanks Tom! 
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