Functional Reformer 3<br>Tom McCook<br>Class 3963

Functional Reformer 3
Tom McCook
Class 3963

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Lorena Vartabedian
Una clase muy elegante.  Disfrutada de principio a fin. Muchas gracias.
Thank you all for the lovely feedback! Wishing you all a joyful, healthy 2020!!
Marci C
Thanks for the great workout 💪! 
thank you Tom - great class, really enjoyed the single leg footwork variations
Loved this class, very full with a lot of variety, also love your mellow voice and your attention to flow!
Thank you Marci, Patti & Arlene! I appreciate you're encouraging feedback and I'm happy to hear you're taking time for your own practice with Pilates Anytime! Enjoy and be well!
Made me happy to see you again with new videos! And of course - I loved it! The flow, the cues, the inspiration...- you are such a wonderful teacher! thank you!!!
As always from Tom a fabulous class! Great thoughtful pace and for me the odd new idea! The cues and flow just great! Thanks Tom!
Christine T
Thanks Tom, a great class, just love it!
Valentina - Vali
Your classes are always so relaxing for me :) Thank you!
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