Advanced Mat Breakdown<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 397

Advanced Mat Breakdown
Niedra Gabriel
Class 397

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Sarah N
This is a hard workout! Loved it!
Too much instruction and not enough workout
Niedra Gabriel
Hi Rosemary, I totally understand.
The technical breakdown classes are not intended as a workout per se, they are really to reveiw the technical details for specific moves covered in a class ( where I hope it WAS a workout).
My intention is to provide an place someone can go to look over details of how to do something if they are having toruble in the "flow' part of a class.
I loved it and did multiple repetitions practicing while Niedra -- my favorite teacher -- gave the little tips that make the work work. Thanks for teaching.
Aw c'mon Anonymous... Let us know who you are!
I really like how you breakdown every one of the exercises and describe the precision points. Very special piece of Teaching. Thank you very much.
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Mat, I always consider mastery is in the details.
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Super!!!!!! I love it!!!! :):)
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I appreciate the fact that you explain with details I love that.....I learned too....:):)
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you!
Being a technical Geek in my soul, I have always found details essential for my own undetsanding. So happy you enjoy the break down and find it helpful.
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