Grab Your Partner Reformer
Erika Quest
Class 3971

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I love the creativity. Some new ideas I can use with y clients. What spring tension were you using when using the box?
Lisa Hi Lisa, this one doesn't use the box, so maybe you meant my other Step Up Your Reformer? If so, we are on one blue spring! Thanks for watching and much love, Erika
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Such a joy to watch! And fun, too. Thank you Erika!
Patti Thank you sweet, Patti! I always enjoy your comments and you taking class with me.  Much love, Erika
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I have never seen partners on a single  Reformer.  Another tour de force; thanks so much
Don Thanks, Don! It was a super fun one to shoot and the ideas came from working in partners with my clients a lot, as they very much enjoy it. Thanks for taking class with us. Much love, Erika
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Just as you said, modules of this class can be used on many different levels! I tried parts of this class with my 65+ clients in a class and also with my 40-55 year old class.  They all loved the class. Working with a partner increased their bond with their classmates as they helped to define strategies to work in tandem. And there was lots of conversation as well. This class was a definite hit. Thanks so much for your expertise. Keep those ideas coming!!
Patty YESSSSSSSS! Patty, this is so awesome. It is truly a wonderful way to work differently in the studio. Social age, (at any age really), is SO important, especially with the disconnect with technology, etc. I'm so glad you enjoyed and happy to bring more ideas in the future. Much love, Erika
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Hello Erika, very innovative class,
I taught it this morning, everything went well until the ladies tried the back to back sitting and lifting the legs up, it didn't work. One was pushing the other out of balance and vice versa, any suggestions, besides having the greatest abs, to build this exercise up?    
Sabrina OH my gosh, I KNOW! Okay, that is just hard. I would first start them having just trying to balance on the carriage taking one foot off the floor, then the other without the load in the hand. Start there, see if they can even get there and then start to play with the movement of the carriage. NOT EASY, but thanks for watching, taking and sharing. Much love, Erika
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