Standing Upper Body Workout<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 3975

Standing Upper Body Workout
Amy Havens
Class 3975

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Thanks Amy really enjoyed this....already working out how I can do some of these discreetly in the office! 
Viera Miranda Kate Daniela Alex Melissa Giglia Vidya Thank you so much gals!  Love your positivity!
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Marcia Dianne Kerry Thank you gals for taking the time to leave comments for me and SO happy you're getting great ideas and inspiration from this class.  For the osteo concerns -- NO roll down, rather -- hinge away from the wall.  I've got another standing class similar... lots of hinging in that one!  Let me know how that goes and again, THANK YOU!  
Thank you very much Amy for this ingenious standing class !
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Thanks Amy, great class for the upper back and shoulders. So many of my clients can use this.
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Awesome class Amy!!  Love your cueing and execution. We all can benefit from standing a little taller.. Looking forward to sharing this info with my clients. Thank you!!
Thank you Amy for the great standing class. 🌞
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Amazing! So simple yet effective, exactly what my body needed.  Thank you! 
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Thank you for the great class. I like the towel against the wall with internal rotation.
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Thank you Amy for your nice lesson!!!! Grazie!
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