Amplifying Movement<br>Madeline B. & James D.<br>Workshop 3982

Amplifying Movement
Madeline B. & James D.
Workshop 3982

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Absolutely love this interactive workout, both of you so fiercely dedicated. I have been fortunate to learn so much from both your teachings here on PA, hopefully in person at some point! My question is in this moment of Covid restrictions we are teaching without touch, do you think it is appropriate to introduce this kind of complex practice without touch? (Side note: I have been teaching for 20 years and am adept at verbal cues)
Madeline Black
Hi Kathyrn, yes the sequence is sound and appropriate without touch. Listen to the verbal cues by James, they amplify the movement. I think with your experience this would work well for you. 
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Loved the creativity and outside the box use of apparatus from James and Madeline. Life is constantly changing and evolving. We all have confirmation bias, which means we may be resistant to other ideas that do not match our own. However as movement teachers and therapists, we hold responsibility to educate, empower and be examples of a new way of moving, thinking and being. As ever this work gets the results and is ahead of it's time. Passive touch has been used for years by many manual therapists and is not something new. My clients love this and the power of human touch  has been well documented in many medical resources to improve growth and development. After all everything starts with love. Thanks for inspiring James & Madeline x
Thank you for this amazing workshop. I could experience the movement amplifying just with James verbal cues. I agree that we have to say not much, but the right ones at the right moment and it makes a huge difference.  
Since everything is energy, the touch is that magic powerful extra.
Very inspiring
Jenny G
Are CEC's offered for attending this program?
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