Amplifying Movement<br>Madeline B. & James D.<br>Workshop 3982

Amplifying Movement
Madeline B. & James D.
Workshop 3982

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I have to smile when I see and hear James teaching. He is a master in queuing and sculpting the person into the movement.
Anke I agree with you on James D'Silva 's mastery at cueing!

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My God!!!interesting! challenging!!!and such a beautiful and fun collaboration!!! Thank you Madeline Black and Thank you James D'Silva
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beautiful hands on! great work for the small muscles!  interesting massage and combinations with yoga :) I will do it!
Well, I may have to go against the grain here. The moment James put his hand on her pubic bone I stopped the video, scrolled back, watchdd again. As a movement teacher, I think this was unacceptable, no matter how well you know eachother! This is a personal area, and if a client needs cueing in this area, their OWN hands guided here or a prop like the weighted disc will help them feel what is happening. But cueing an elite mover such as Madeline Black probably only requires a careful word or an image! I felt it was in very poor taste, and got the sense that sometimes he is heavy-handed...there was another moment where it looked like he was pushing a bit on her spine! Sorry, folks, lovely imaginative choreography to find different movement, but his version of hands-on left a poor taste. I am Polestar-trained, BTW, and tactile cueing a significant part of our training. But Not like this.
And I haven’t even made it to the caddy segment yet!
Madeline Black
I agree there are guidelines on touch in many Pilates trainings, some more restrictive than others. In other movement trainings such as Gyrotonic and yoga, the training includes indepth practice of hands-on while a person is moving. I wish to make you aware that James is highly trained in bodywork, tai chi, and has the most sensitive and clear touch that I have experienced. It is not possible for a viewer, especially on video, to feel the pressure, force direction, fascial unwinding in someone’s touch since the viewer is not the receiver. James and I have an agreement of working together. It is that agreement allows me to receive movement in my body that it is appropriate. My body responds well and he has restored my tissue resiliency by moving me the right amount out of my comfort zone. This training affect has recalibrated my relationship with pain. We all have choices. I appreciate sharing my personal experience under his hands.
Kate- My Pilates Room
That was absolutely fantastic. I have been away from teaching pilates now for three years and I am looking to get back into it again this year and James d'silva's teaching style just reminded me of how I used to get completely immersed in teaching that person in front of me, it takes it out of you but its so enriching. Fantastic energy and perfect tactile cueing. Well done both of you! 
JAMES and Madeline. Wonderful work especially on the Cadillac. I had to add clips to lower the trapeze since at Westside Dance Physical Therapy is an old one. My clients and myself feel wonderful with those wonderful sequencing of the spine. Thanks.
Madeline Black
Thanks Lesley! I am happy you are using the movements and getting positive feedback. Best to you!
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