Dynamic Reformer Flow<br>Maria Leone<br>Class 3995

Dynamic Reformer Flow
Maria Leone
Class 3995

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Yay! 👏 Glad Maria is back! 💗
Will be doing this one tonight! 
Wow! All day I looked forward to doing this after work. As usual, you didn't disappoint, Maria! Perfect cueing, butt-kicking variations, excellent progressions, yummy active release! This one's in my favorites with all your other videos. Thank you!! 💖
Erin so glad you enjoyed it!!! Thank you for your kind words.  
That was great! I loved the ball to 100 to teaser. Thank you! 
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That was difficult—and fun.
Loved it!!! I love all your classes!! Thank you Maria!
Wow, that was a great workout! Can't wait to share with my clients!
Great workout and great creative ideas, thanks! :)
Great workout and teaser to ball is challenging!
Liana C
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excellent class! you are a fantastic teacher---such clear and precise cueing! 
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