Hip Connections<br>Madeline Black<br>Workshop 401

Hip Connections
Madeline Black
Workshop 401

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Hi Summer~ I'll pass this question on to Madeline, though I'll bet the answer could be a workshop in itself! Thanks for the inquiry.
How long will the workshop be available? And, do I have to complete it in one sitting or can I "come and go" until it's completed? Thank you!
Ted Johnson
Hi Carla,

We expect this workshop to available for quite some time (years to come) and once you purchase access you are free to come back and watch it over and over again as you please. So, you could watch chapter 1 now and come back some other day and either watch chapter 1 again or watch chapter 2, etc.
Re-watching (again)...Madelaine is brilliant, thanks for for the accessibility to her.
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Kristi, maybe you can get Madeline's Sacrum workshop here, just a thought! I would love it! : ) Judy
I watched this workshop a while ago but have come back to it to take the test and get the CEC's. Are they not offered anymore? I'm very confused.
Candice ~ we are still offering CECs for this workshop. Since you have viewed the required percentage of the workshop, I have given your account access to the quiz that you need to take and pass in order to earn the CECs. Good luck!
Hello, in this Madeline refers to cues she used in the class, I'm guessing they did before the work shop.. Is this one of Madeline's classes on here? If so which one is it? thanks
Zoe G
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I loved this workshop. I definitely felt it influencing my teaching today, which was a good thing. It was a good mix of information, hands on tests, and exercises to support the information. Thank you, Madeline!
Madeline Black
Happy you were able to use the material Zoe!
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