Hip Connections<br>Madeline Black<br>Workshop 401

Hip Connections
Madeline Black
Workshop 401

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I know this workshop is not recent but I recently took it and have a question for Madeline, hoping she is still accessible to respond. I wanted to know how to deal with a leg that is 2 cm shorter due to a broken hip bone that didn't heal perfectly. For walking a lift is added to the sole of the shoe but how to deal with this in a pilates workout? If barefoot then the hips will not be in alignment. Would it be recommended to wear footwear adding the lift to the shorter leg to workout or are there other ways to deal with this type of structural issue? I hope this reaches Madeline. It was a great workshop, full of information as are the others I have taken with her. Thank you
Madeline, if the answer is another workshop itself (as Kristi mention) I will happily take it.
Madeline Black
Hi Tova I would recommend the client wear shoes with the lift, be sure it is a soft and flexible shoe. I had a client who wore socks and placed the lift in the sock. Still work with their feet bare, individually. See the first chapter in my book "Centered" for possible exercises. Hope this helps!
Can I still get cec’s for this workshop?
Rachel ~ This workshop still includes 3 CECs with the PMA. If you have any trouble, please email us at support@pilatesanytime.com.
Hey, in this workshop Madeline talks about a Mat Class, which one is she referring to? Thanks!
Great workshop, love how it goes with her Centered book. Would love to have in depth look at each section like this.
Interesting workshop I wish there was a more concise presentation of how you explain this to a client in an hour session within a workout … like the cuing is good but I have go fishing for the exact cuing (trampoline, heavy knee, then reach the leg, lift the leg, watch that the sit bones are wide, foot down reach knee and then set leg down) I mean that’s a lot to remember! I still don’t totally understand how to cue the position of the pelvis when bringing the leg into extension, no posterior tilt but yes the three bones down. So confusing! I guess have to keep watching it over and over but I got a lot from this and know it’s so important 
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