Fascia-Focused Mat<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Class 4014

Fascia-Focused Mat
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 4014

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Ling G
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is it an advance version of head lifted up while lying side way?
it seems a bit too tiring for the neck.
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Good morning from Slovakia, Elizabeth! Nice and calm waking up, nice class. Our gym is closed because of the virus and I have to work out only at home. Thank you for your  morning inspiration.
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Amazing class; thank you so much
Amazing class; in part of lying sideways it was feel a little uncomfortable for neck so i use pillow to support my neck ^_^ thank you so much
Ling, thank you for your comment about unsupported neck and head in side lying exercises. Please support your neck and head with cushions, pillows or towels so you feel comfortable. Make sure that the support you choose keeps your neck in a neutral position, well aligned with your spine in all three planes. The exercises in this class are demanding in that they require distributing stability throughout the body in order to control mobility in specific areas. This is certainly the case in side lying with the ring around the thighs just above the knees.
Viera, wonderful to receive your greeting from Slovakia. How fortunate that you can practice at home since your gym is closed due to the virus. Although this class was filmed in mid-January before the global health crisis, I am glad  it  serves as a calming influence for focus and centering now and in the future.
Nuanpong, thank you for your comment regarding use of a pillow to support your neck in side lying exercises. When you arrange your head/neck  support make sure you can balance on your side, neither rolling forward nor backward.
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Elizabeth you make it look so easy...lol! it's tiny movements but, so tricky. Thank you for a great class and challenge ;>)
Robin G., Thank You for describing the essence of this class. High novelty and low risk keeps the mover interested while exposing kinesthetic blind spots. Laughter is the best response to a movement surprise. So glad you enjoyed it!
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what a great class, so relaxing yet challenging. I wish there were more repetition in each position because it's so yummy. Thank you!
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