Fascia-Focused Mat<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Class 4014

Fascia-Focused Mat
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 4014

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Michal, Thank You for your summary description of this class. You exposed my dilemma: include enough repetitions to satiate the neuromyofascia system to satisfaction Or keep the class to 45 minutes, in order to encourage  participation.  So why not move faster in order to accomplish more reps in less time? Because fascia prefers to be coaxed before it is pushed. That’s life in the Body!
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O my gosh. Very challenging. Hamstrings were cramping up! And neck was not happy. Will take on board previous comment about supporting neck. Will revisit this workout and see if I can improve. Thank you.
Paula, you will certainly improve, no doubt about it. The majority of Pilates mat movement takes place in flexion in the sagittal plan. Many exercises require unsupported cervical flexion. Most of the vocabulary is familiar to members of Pilates Anytime. This class includes a few novel exercises in the coronal/frontal plane that require endurance of the lateral cervical stabilizers. You will be fine with support of your head and neck. Regarding the demand on your hamstrings: practice the challenging exercises with your feet on the mat rather than on the roller. Keep me updated on your progress!
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My brain and body are tingling with excitment from all the new movements and connections. I love your work Elizabeth!
Alison, good news that this class created such positive feelings. Please let me know if the benefits continue to deliver, or if the thrill of novelty wears off with familiarity? Thank you so much for your comment.
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Wow wow wow! Brain and body both woke! This one revealed some serious spinal and balance blind spots for me. Also thinking 🤔. Maybe some simpler versions of things would be great for elderly and ageing brains. Must experiment on my mother. 😆
mbrown, kinesthetic 'blind spots' are part of the human condition. How fabulous that you uncovered some and now see/move with more clarity. Brilliant idea to bring the concepts from this class to others who can benefit. Let me know how your mother likes them! Thank you very much for your comment.
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Wonderful connecting! Thx :D
Loren G
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I absolutely love this class! Thank you Elizabeth, you are my favorite instructor on PilatesAnytime! And can we talk about those great onesies!? Grateful to have a pilates master teaching these classes. I feel fantastic. Best, Loren 
Loren, your enthusiastic, generous praise lifts my spirits more than you can imagine. Thank you. My unitard collection is created by Zoya, a genius designer who moved to San Francisco from Russia. Very best to you always, ELark
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