Exercise & Circadian Rhythms<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Discussion 4020

Exercise & Circadian Rhythms
Elizabeth Larkam
Discussion 4020

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I’m glad you are taking up this topic.  I too am of the age where sleep is fleeting for me most nights.  I’ve found some help lately in chamomile tea at night and blue blocking glasses for tv watching after 9:30 p.m.  Exercise for me works out best in the am to early afternoon, just from the standpoint that as the day goes on I have more to do and am more likely not to exercise as it gets later.  Thanks for exploring this topic.
Thank you Lori for your comment. Sustaining health and well being is a personal practice of science and an art. Good to hear that you are finding approaches that work for you. Check out the book in our references for additional info. 
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Thank you Amy and Elizabeth for this interesting discussion! I'm a Pilates teacher student with a full-time desk job and finding time to practice without stressing about it is constant work. However, much of what you ladies say resonates - for example, I've started to prioritize movement no matter what BUT since I began to differentiate between "strong"/"study" sessions and gentler work (on the Mat, or just being outdoors for example) I've been able to manage my energy much better. Now I don't have kids (no idea how I'd do that :D ) and my job allows for remote work and no one there is looking over my shoulder which is wonderful, and I realise not everyone is in that position. It would take work in society as a whole to prioritize wellbeing in this way! But, everyone can take steps and as a future educator this is extremely important to remember. Thanks again, love you ladies :)Thanks to you I can now be even more deliberate and informed in my choices.
A pleasure to read your perspective Julie. Our profession is in good hands with dedicated, aware teachers in training like you. Your experience will surely benefit your clients also.
Elizabeth and Amy, it is a pleasure to hear you discuss this topic. It can be frustrating as an Instructor to lack time for self-care and practice, but yr discussion is a reminder to use the time in a way which is biologically appropriate. Also good to remind clients that their hour with us is hopefully just one part of their own whole, which they can shape using circadian rhythms as a guide. We all have so much to do! Maybe it is a question of choosing better times.
Beautifully articulated Genevieve, Thank you!
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Elizabeth and Amy, this was a great conversation. Some of it is not new,  but I appreciate this conversation so much. I have inherently known for many years which time of day I prefer to work out; mid morning. But realizing the strength work is better later in the day makes total sense. I just want to add that there is a spin off conversation that needs to be had about exercise for woman coming into their 40"s, as well as those in peri-menopause and post menopause. Our bodies physiology takes quite a hit, which will affect our workouts, sleep, etc. Lets keep the conversation going so we can help others be aware. I appreciate your candour.
Thank you Lynn. Really appreciate your insights and suggestions.  As you point out, hormone fluctuations affect every aspect of our cellular  function and well being.  Accurate information informs effective action so we can thrive at every age. Yes, we’ll keep the conversation going🙏
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Thank you so much Lori Julia R Genevieve Malcolm Lynn and especially Elizabeth Larkam for this compelling conversation and with no doubt, we will keep this conversation going.  Lynn, yes --- the peri-menopause and menopause issue is real and directly affects energy etc.  I'm 50 and have noticed significant changes in energy, strength levels, desire to move etc.  Respecting my circadian rhythm is a must!
Oh, Elizabeth, I could not agree more! I am a Pilates Teacher and Health Coach and I say to my clients is to simplify your self-care routine to get "more" out of it and to tune in on your Circadian Rhythms! I usually do a restorative Pilates/yoga/mobility sequence in the evening to tune in with the body, get into a more meditative state and get ready to go to bed! I know very well the power of Circadian Rhythms: two years ago my Circadian Rhythms went awol, and my health too! I had a relapse in POTS ( postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome), has a problem with my Hypothalamus/Thyroid axis, that brought me weight gain, wiped out my energy and  gave me sugar and coffee cravings. All sorted, but people don't realize how much Circadian Rhythm are so important for your health, and for all the hormones releases ( think Thyroid & Adrenal). It was a lovely talk, thank you!
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