Exercise & Circadian Rhythms<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Discussion 4020

Exercise & Circadian Rhythms
Elizabeth Larkam
Discussion 4020

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Claudia, the wisdom gained from your experiences is inspirational. Thank you for summarizing the complex journey that illuminates your self care choices and your recommendations to your clients. Very best always, Elizabeth
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Hi everyone, Elizabeth and Amy thank you so much for looking after us so we can look after our students. I was wondering about the books you mentioned. It would be great if we could have the title an the name of the author. Thanks again!
Maria, the book is listed in the class references. The Circadian Code is a fascinating read. Every chapter includes news you can use and share with your students.
Thank you.  Are there any apps or tips that you can share  that can help us to set our devices appropriated for the time of day.  I appreciate this discussion.
Robyn, I suggest going to myCircadianClock.org website and research app. Thank you for your interest. Wishing you well
Thank you so much Elizabeth. As always it is such a pleasure to be bathed the the fruits of your devotion and tireless exploration of movement, wellness and authentic expression.
What is the impact of exercising out of these 3 time slots? If I understand correctly a dance workout would be best in the afternoon. However, what do you think about a ballet or modern warm up session of about 15-20 minutes in the evening. It seems to me that would fall in the category of neuromyofacial training/fascial glide.
Thank you very much Mia! Good questions you raise. Certainly exercise must harmonize with the individual's personal and professional life rhythms and requirements. If the ballet and modern warm ups to which you refer are designed to prepare someone for an evening performance then this is necessary and appropriate. If however one is seeking movement before sleep then dance warm ups could be replaced by less demanding forms of movement. However, all must be considered in the context of individual personal and professional goals. Focusing on motor control, range of motion and coordination in the evening after completing the responsibilities of the day can yield excellent benefits in terms of improvement in technique. And deep sleep will contribute to improvement in all aspects of life!
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