Mat Basics<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 4022

Mat Basics
Kristi Cooper
Class 4022

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I loved starting from the beginning with you Kristi; thank you so much
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Always good to revisit the basics! Thanks Kristi! 
Maureen N
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I really like this instructor's style!
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Thanks Kristi - as an instructor I feel the hardest thing is to keep finding ways of teaching the basics to beginners in a new and exciting way.  More ideas please x
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I always love starting with the basics again. Thank you, great class.
It was good to focus on the basics again. Thanks!
Tilla F
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Thank you Kristi for the lesson, also in the basics there is always something new to learn.
Lina S
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This class was perfect tonight as I was very tired.  With the basics, you get grounded. Thank you!
Thank you all. I agree with everything said here and so happy to hear you feel the same!  Maureen thank you! I hope you will try some of my other classes too. 
A lovely class to start a the day. I presume you are adding another class to this one Kristi?
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