Mat Basics<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 4022

Mat Basics
Kristi Cooper
Class 4022

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I started watching this a week ago. I am not new to Pilates but I have new physical limitations. This is really helping me to build myself up to where I used to be. 😊
Louise A
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 I found this so helpful. I'm fairly fit - I can run and walk but an illness has forced me to slow down. Although I've tried various 'beginner' pilates classes over the years - I've never been taught the basics and have found the lack of core strength has put me off. I will definitely be doing this class over and over until I've grasped the breathing and basic exercises.  Thank you! 
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loved this class - so nice getting back to basics 
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Postpartum Pilates instructor here! This was perfect, great reconnect for me! Thank you!
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Hi Kristi, 
Thank you for creating this back to basics feel great class. Your insightful cues are always on point, making me feel the work in a more joyful & poignant way! This workout is wonderful to come back to, and wake-up the body, especially when it has become a bit stagnant during this time of life. Wishing you and your dear ones all well, happy and safe. With gratitude, Rena
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Wasn't super into it in the beginning until we got to minute 12 and I felt the BURN! Thanks for the basics.
Clare V
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Thank you for a wonderful class, Kristi! I'm in my postpartum period after baby #2 and I so appreciate a gentle class through the basics. In particular, the cue "exhale first" when doing a chest lift was very helpful to me today. I needed that reminder of connection.
It's always nice to go through the basic class exercises! Thanks so much Kristi
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Very nice workout. The basics are more challenging that I recall! Wonderful focus. Thanks
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Nice basics.  Liked especially the swan prep because it helps insure people not collapsing into their low back as using the arms to prop oneself up can do.
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