Magic Circle Mat<br>Monica Wilson<br>Class 4023

Magic Circle Mat
Monica Wilson
Class 4023

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Hi Monica, Great Class! I a shaking :) I loved the correction of the foot on the kneeling side kicks which I don't often see been taught, also it was amazing on the mermaid how from the back of the client you knew her rib was not relaxed ;) thanks so much!
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Just yesterday I was thinking we hadn’t seen a Monica Wilson class in a while and hoping there would be one soon.  So you made my day!  Thank you!
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Monica that was a great class - thank you so much.  
Heather B
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Probably the best mat class I've ever done! Very challenging!!
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I truly felt as though I was receiving a private class. Thank you!
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Thank you for a great workout Monica! Nice detailed cueing throughout the class.  So grateful for PA at this time. 
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Dankeschön! Trank you!
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Great cueing as it is all of your classes; thank you so much Monica
Rachel N
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Thank You Monica.   Great class!
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great cueing!! Need a rest now!
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