Magic Circle Mat<br>Monica Wilson<br>Class 4023

Magic Circle Mat
Monica Wilson
Class 4023

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Was so focused during class, I forgot about the quarantine! Thank you for the great, and challenging class! 💪🏻
Juliette Lanvers
Very challenging! Hardest mat class I have ever taken, learned a lot of new things
hahaha you kicked her butt..i'm jealous...she is hyper-mobile in hips but dance dance!
Monica Wilson
Hi Everyone! I am so thankful for this class to be released right when everyone needs it! If you haven't tried it already, class#4028 was released a couple of days ago and is the follow up to this class challenging your muscles to feel the same engagement without the magic circle. I pray you are staying well in body and in mind and will push through this pandemic coming out stronger and more resilient then ever. Peace and Blessing, Monica
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Excellent cues Monica. And congrats to Lindsay. I cannot imagine she managed to do a second hour with you right after this very challenging session. Well done both.
Ryanin B
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Great Session Thank you. 
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I loved it , so  challenging and engaging that I didn’t notice it was over an hour. Thank you xx 
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I doubt anyone taking this class will complain about it being too easy~ Thanks:) 
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What a great class! I will be back to this one again and again, thank you!
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