Foot Work Workout
Madeline Black
Class 403

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Absolutely excellent! More on feet please. Totally vital and a much neglected area. Jenny
Loved this class. Must start collecting broccoli bands now!
Really enjoyed this class. I've worked with the tennis ball, but Madeleine did some new things I hadn't done. I also liked the wave!
Wow! Amazing! I want to do this every day.
My feet hurt just listening to her words, we all played with these techniques in Sydney when Madeleine came to visit last year, great refresher, thanks.
This class was fantastic! Very well explained, demonstrated and I can't wait to see the results after continued practice. We need to take care of our entire bodies and i'm so happy to have discovered this website because of such great information and education such as this video. Madeline, you're a super teacher. Thank you!
Madeline is so great. I got my whole family (mother in Law, father in law, husband, friends) to do this class together... we all said we MUST do this class everyday! Thanks for reminding me!
Great info. Loved the exercises, have been looking for foot work for a long time. Any other info on the footwork and relevance to the rest of the body would be very helpful in the field!
thanks so much!
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Fabulous - thank you!
I learned so much and my feet feel great. It really helps to see the whole movement sequence of the foot on someone who can execute those moves so well. I would love some more tips on relaxing and lifting the patella in standing. I have a bit of trouble with this one, but can execute with legs relaxed, seated on floor. Thanks Madeline!
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