Full-Body Tower<br>Delia Buckmaster<br>Class 4033

Full-Body Tower
Delia Buckmaster
Class 4033

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So happppy fo this🙏🙏
Loved your class. Exaclty what I needed to start into the week. Thank you.
Carol K
Beautifully demonstrated and deftly articulated. Thank you. 

Joanna K
Great class with relatable cues and smooth flow. Thank you!
fantastic....perfect flow...loved the ab series, parakeet variation, boomerang, leg spring series....pretty much ALL of it!   Thank you
Loved it!!!! Love all your classes and instruction is so clear. So happy to see a new tower class
Fabulous! I LOVED the ab series - it really helped me to connect deeper into my hip joint in a positive way (which I NEED). This is going in my favorite list. Thank you!
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My favourite Tower workout ever!!! So creative. A combination of strength, mobility and gorgeous opening exercises. Great to have another STOTT instructor on Pilates Anyime. Thank you Delia 😊
Lovely new ideas. Thank you so much 
Blair C
Fantastic! Thank you!
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