Full-Body Tower
Delia Buckmaster
Class 4033

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The parakeet series into shoulder bridge into roll over was incredible! Thank you Delia💜
Thank you Delia!  I really enjoyed this class--wonderful flow, ab series, footwork, and boomerang.  Loved the creativity and I will return to this tower workout again.
Lovely class!! Felt wonderful and creative!! I will be sharing some with others.
Every bit of the class felt so good in my body.  I took some pieces of it and taught it in my classes on Thursdays, those gals loved it too.  Thank you for this one.  SO VERY GOOD!  
wonderful class
Thank you Delia perfect  flow 👌the ab series 🔥
Wow! I loved this workout so much! Thank you. Fantastic inspiration. I can’t wait to use this with my own clients. 
Delia thank you for this wonderful class, I recently completed my Trapeze training and this was a great class to help me translate what I have learned to the tower! Looking forward to more classes with you!
Just finished it, again another yummy work! Thank you Delia! Looking forward to MANY MORE videos by you. Hugs.
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