Fascial Net Plastination<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Discussion 4037

Fascial Net Plastination
Elizabeth Larkam
Discussion 4037

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Fascinating information and gorgeous images presented by Rachelle Clauson. Media & Communications Coordinator for the Fascial Net Platination Project show fascia in a new light.  Thank you Rachelle for bringing your expertise to Pilates Anytime. Congratulations on your brilliant debut on this platform!
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This was absolutely fascinating!! Thank you!
Sadly I cannot open any of the above references on my computer!  Can this information be available on any other platform?  Thank you
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That was so interesting! Thank you!
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Thank you both for introducing us to this fascinating work!  
Thank you Sharon. I think Pilates Anytime will post more of our references next week.
Mary, the Pilates Anytime wizards will answer you about downloading references. One of the references is a list of Pilates Anytime workshops taught by members of the FNPP advisory board. You can search this website by instructor: 1. Robert Schleip, 2. Gil Hedley, 3. Tom Myers with Larkam. The last slide of the discussion includes a website with references. Thank you very much for your interest in further study.
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Knowing I run the risk of over simplifying here 😊 — but did I hear Rachelle say something to the effect that “we’re” beginning to discover a neurological connection with fascia? I mean, I guess everything in the body has some neurology involved, but that’s pretty mind-blowing! (Unintentional pun. 😁) Or did I confuse something?
Mbrown, the voices you hear may not be in your head (my attempt at humor). I will search for a reference from a paper by Carla Stecco🤓
Mary ~ I have emailed you this attachment so that you can access them more easily. So glad that you enjoyed this discussion!
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