Day 2: Extension<br>Carrie Pages<br>Class 4039

Day 2: Extension
Carrie Pages
Class 4039

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Sarah P
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Anita That is inspirational!  I didn't do the full wheel as my shoulders are not open enough but you have made me feel that it will be possible someday!

I substituted with dhanurasana which felt great after all the extension practice.  
Luana N
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Loved all these extensions! So often we do not work enough our backs. This was just great :) Thank you!
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Love those one arm extensions and oh my goodness you’re rocking Swan is beautiful! I think I might have been able to do the back bend  had I been on a mat but I was on carpet. I will keep working on it. I used to be able to do them but haven’t in a while. Thank you! PS where did your leggings come from?
Danielle A
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Wow that was great ! Thanks Carrie :) as someone who is a little weaker when it comes to back extensions I really enjoyed the challenge .
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Loved this challenge! I grew up doing backbends, cartwheels, flips; wish I never stopped. Good class, thank you Carrie.
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I really appreciate the progressions. I haven’t had a class that taught them in this way and it was very helpful. Thanks.
Gerri M
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I'm glad you said you felt tired ..I felt it for Day 2..feel open and light! Thanks Carrie 
Lina S
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I thought the final backbend ("the wheel") was done only in yoga! For sure, it was a challenging practice. Back strength is as important as ab strength! Thank you. Sometimes it's good to get out of one's comfort zone. I'm not a fan of big back extensions, but I recognize I need to work them more!
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Just the class I needed after being hunched over a laptop at the kitchen table for several weeks!  Amazing, I feel great and energised.  Thank you so much, Carrie .  Looking forward to the next workout! Sandy in lovely, sunny Leeds, UK!
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Great class! I loved all the progressions that led to the backbend- it really got my body ready for that challenge! 
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