Day 5: Classical Flow<br>Carrie Pages<br>Class 4042

Day 5: Classical Flow
Carrie Pages
Class 4042

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That went fast! Both the tempo which was a fun challenge but also the class length - I was surprised when it was finished! Haven't done boomerang in ages - lots of fun.
Mindi W
So beautifully done Carrie!!  Thank you!
such fun!!
Great!!!  And I totally lost my drawers on the roll up :)  Thank you!!!
Lovely this series- you are great fun to work out with Carrie - thank you for sharing your enthusiasm with us all. 
Karina R
Carrie - you are a machine!!!
Wanda P
Outstanding class!
Fun.. fast paced..I suck at rollovers, but this class gave me lots of chances to practice. 
I find roll overs so very hard so this was a very challenging class, i admire anyone who can do them with such ease!
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