Lower Body Stretch Reformer<br>Sarah Bertucelli<br>Class 4053

Lower Body Stretch Reformer
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 4053

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Ever since your upper body class I have been waiting and looking for this daily! Thank youuu I’ll try it
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Sarah!! this is I wonderful class! I needed it so much and you made a difference to my body! I will do it again and again. sending love your way xx
Mel W I hope you enjoy the experience.  Many of these movements have become my "go to" body stress release these days.  So incredibly happy I had a reformer stored in my garage! 
MelitaB YAY!  Thank you for taking the time to send a note. Many of these movements have become part of my daily routine.  I was not sure if I would be able to articulate how to "find" the stretches/positions.  As long as one person gets something from  the work, it is worth presenting.  Very possible there will be more in the future. Hugs!  
Corinna S
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Thank you, Sarah, so much for this class ! Loved every moment,your energy and all details about the exercise
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Another gem from Sarah - all 4 classes in this series are regulars for me now! I love the innovative stretch variations especially. While flexibility is definitely one of my challenges, 'the usual' often just doesn't cut it anymore :)
Michele M
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Thank you Sarah! My back and hips feel very good, zero tightness compared to before this class.  What a relief!!
Corinna Thank you! 

Julia R Thank you so much for participating in all 4 classes and seeing them as the series I meant them to be.  YAY!  I am just loving stretching and working outside of the norm. hugs! 

Michele wonderful wonderful news!  Thank you for sharing
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