Lower Body Stretch Reformer<br>Sarah Bertucelli<br>Class 4053

Lower Body Stretch Reformer
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 4053

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Thanks Sarah, feels great on the hips!
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Sarah this is so interesting, these are stretches i have never felt and it felt sometimes yummy and sometimes not. The squat at the end was a nice finish as this gave me a new way to stretch the muscles surrounding and supporting my artificial knee. Don't worry I have been stretching those muscles it for almost a year . Thank you for this, I will do this more of this to release my tightish  hips a bit because I am sure i will feel it much more over time! Thank you again!
Hi Judy, Thanks for your message.  I am curious how your body responds after repeating some of the stretches.  Stay curious and let pleasure drive you...If it is not "yummy" step back, perhaps try a different path or try again another time. And keep me posted.  xoS
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I loved it! thank you!
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Thank you Sarah.  I am one of many instructors throughout our industry who wore out our bodies in 2020.  In an attempt to  keep my business model going and my clients motivated  I managed to develop some serious hip bursitis and SI joint disfunction.  As my clients slowing return to their work environments I am finding myself at doctors appointments.  I am now using Pilates Anytime as a nurturing place for myself instead of always trying to craft new ideas for my clients.  
Hi Catherine G,  Thank you for writing.  YES! I am so pleased to hear you are carving out the time to nurture yourself.  We really need to "put our oxygen masks" on first.  Taking care of you means you can continue to take care of others. Hugs to you.  
Sharon H
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Thank you. Great class!

Thank you Sharon H!  So pleased you enjoyed the class:) 
Margaret B
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Thank you. I feel more limber & whatever was bothering my right hip is gone.
Annie R
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Some really great stretches in here - will be incorporating - and playing this one again
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