Upper Body Stretch Reformer<br>Sarah Bertucelli<br>Class 4055

Upper Body Stretch Reformer
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 4055

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Mel W awesome to hear.  Yes.  There is a lower body stretch and a workout class coming soon.  Take care. 
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This was so perfect for my tense neck and tight shoulders.  Loved exploring the angles to zero in on where the holds are. Thank you!
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My left thoracic spine was horrifically tight. After I practiced this video, I seemed to snap out of it. This is my second time doing this.
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Wow new ways to stretch on the reformer. Love it!
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Gorgeous stretches - THANK YOU x
Anne , Amy jeannene Debra the possibilities to explore seem to be endless. Thanks for being open.  Lower body stretching class will come out soon.  

Michele M
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Wow my chest/ head/neck and shoulders fell so much more open! Just added this class to my favorite classes:) Thank you for sharing Sarah!:)
Oksana P
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What a yummy class! Loved all the movements and the release the gentle pull of the spring offers. So creative. My very tense achy neck and shoulders are so much happier now :) not to forget the thoracic! It should be my daily morning routine. Thank you so much, Sarah. Looking forward to doing your lower body stretch class.
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Some of those stretches really snuck up on me, thank you so much!
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Felt achy and old going in to class and after class felt great. If that doesn't define a great class, I don't know what does!  FAVORITE!  Thank you so much
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