Jared Kaplan Live Webinar<br>John M. & Jared K.<br>Discussion 4094

Jared Kaplan Live Webinar
John M. & Jared K.
Discussion 4094

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Thank you for this, the info you share is really helpful , also good to know we are all experiencing the same challenges.
Hi.  I'm having a rough day today.  Phew.  So when you mentioned the walk the walk talk the talk, I know I need to go there either rewatch or wait for another...or both.  It seems from what I keep seeing, that everyone is doing well with their virtual teaching and all that.  While this is great, there are a lot of us (I suspect- at least me anyway) who are a lot lost/digesting/holyf#$k).  Everything I have worked for during the past 15 years has shifted, and if looked at the wrong way, or in certain angles/is gone.   I so appreciate all the support and I KNOW that there is a way, and that I will come through on the other side.  We are in this together...but no one is close.  I work alone - no employees, no colleagues nearby, and so this venue is invaluable.  At first I told my clients to go online to you guys and the multitude of online resources as I know I could not complete with the amazing, professional work that is already out there.  Now, I am starting to realize that maybe they do want me to go virtual (or I sure hope they do)...to be with them...and really have no other choice right now if I want an income and to be here after all of this is over.  I am usually quite positive.  It's just a day, but it's in the background on other days too.  Just a HUGE shout out to you guys for trying to keep us lifted, to see the massive value in what we do, and a big hug to all you teachers who may feel like I do today.
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Thank you so much for this, so helpful. 
Sheryl Teresa  You're welcome!  We're all learning together here, now.  The best that we can do is listen, set intentions to be the best we can  (and behave like it!), and be there for others when we have something to give/offer. 
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Robyn Baxter  You are not alone.  Not even close!  You're brave for acknowledging one of the things I find hardest to admit:  "I don't know."     Kudos to you for engaging here, for sharing, for being willing to stand up and say "WTF?!"   That's when doors start to open, just a little bit at first.   Thank for you sharing. 
re: Clients/virtual:  YOUR people need and want YOU - not someone else. You're the only you that they know, love, and need right now. No one else can do what you do.  If they're asking to see you digitally, see them there!  Even if it's awkward and weird and new -  everything is at first. (Remember trying to cue your first client thru the 100 the FIRST time - remember all the alignment, and breath - and counting?!)   Please feel free to reach out to me directly. I'm the same boat as you - everything has shifted.  Happy to help. 
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Thank you and while this is a lonely time and a big worry these chats help. I’ve transformed my business and taken it online and 75%of people happy for mat. Unfortunately most large equipment have cancelled and not transferred to mat but good to have some income.
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Thank you for offering this! Great information and assurance of being on this path together 🙏❤️
Loved this- so glad that I finally had the time to watch it to the end xx
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thank you for your tips Jared Kaplan. i have a question.  
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Hi Everyone,  I hope you are doing well.  I want to thank Pilates Anytime and all the wonderful teachers that took time to do these discussions.  Before this I never heard of Zoom.  Because of it and Face Time I have been able to continue teaching during this shutdown.  Thank you again for providing the Zoom link, you made it easy for me to sign up for an account.  Because I can teach, I can still stay connected with my clients and continue to help them.  As always thank you for all you do, it means a lot to me.  Much love to everyone,  Be well.
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