Feel-Good Mat<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 4102

Feel-Good Mat
Amy Havens
Class 4102

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Thank you Amy! That was a beautiful class! Especially because it was so natural and not staged, so homy :)
Loved the ball image - moving in a sphere way.
Je vous regarde de france. C’était super. Merci
Patricia W
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Great class thanks
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Thankyou Amy! Although thousands of miles away you create authentic connections and inspire. The power of moving. 
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Wonderful class! Love how pure you are! Thank you.
Ewa D
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Thank You, Amy. So good to have You LIVE. I will use this workout as a guidline to my clients on line tonight. Be safe, Ewa:)
Anne T
ThankYou Amy! I enjoyed very much your class, love you.
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Oh how I wish I could’ve done this with you live. I’m glad that I got to do the recorded version though. Thank you for welcoming  us into your home. I love your emotion! My first live class I did the same thing. It’s just so heartwarming to see everyone out there. I loved this Amy...such  fluidity and I love that it was out of order! So nice to see you and I’m so glad you’re staying well!  big hugs!
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That movement felt delicious!
Elspeth S
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Thank you from Norfolk in England, Amy. Wonderful.
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