Feel-Good Mat<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 4102

Feel-Good Mat
Amy Havens
Class 4102

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Paola Maruca
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I was live with Amy!!!!
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Wonderful , natural class, Thank you Amy 
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I’m glad these classes are being recorded!  I’m so enjoying them!   The foam roller one I’m replicating every night.  Really LOVED the wall class and yesterday’s was amazing!  You are getting me to do more mat classes. Thanks so much Amy! As always, you rock!
Christine S
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Thank you Amy xx You are a wonderful woman and amazing Pilates teacher. Doing this class with you made me feel so much less anxious about everything that is happening in the world.
Amy S
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xo thank you, Amy
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Fabulous Amy!  Thanks so much
Thank you - I also love that you're honest, emotional and affected by all this around us - and it's not just us out here feeling miserable sometimes!  Thank you - keep chugging along as they say!  We support you all and thanks for a fabulous class in lockdown times!
Thank you Amy, that was brilliant! I try to laugh as much as possible in my classes and missing the interaction with clients but had so much fun with you, especially the seal! x
I think we are feeling a little isolated at the moment, this class felt "warm" in lots of ways. Not simply the physical movement but that genuine personal warmth you radiate Amy. Many thanks 
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Alexandra Cathy fritz Patricia Melanie Julie Ewa  Thank you so much for your positive feedback, kind words and sharing your heart with me!
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