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Thank you Maria and John, this was very helpful.
thank you Maria.  Lovely to hear how you are doing.  Much Love.  Lesley Powell 
Great practical stuff. Thank you- also very helpful Q and A.
Thank you Maria and John. I’m in Australia and still trying to get home to New Hampshire so this was very helpful for me. I need to start something with my clients and technology such as what we need to be doing, quite frankly, scares me. Your video has helped me to move forward.
Hi John and Maria, this was super helpful. Thanks so much for this and thanks Pilates Anytime for your support with these Videos
Thanks.Really helpful and reassuring.
Loving these sessions. Wonderful for you to organise and share these information. I don't feel quite so isolated and like Maria I need to feel that connection with my clients.  John you have such a lovely voice to listen to!
Thank you Maria and John for the information! In terms of ring lighting, does distance matter? I need to place my laptop roughly 3 meters/9 feet from my mat for a full body shot   
Thank you Maria!
Such good information! Thank you so much. I especially liked all the ideas for using props that everyone has at home.
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