In Memoriam<br>Mari Winsor<br>Pilates Anytime<br>Special 4118

In Memoriam
Mari Winsor
Pilates Anytime
Special 4118

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Cried! Beautiful tribute and lady x
Mari was my first ever Pilates teacher through her wonderful workout videos. I always appreciated her positive energy, and she made everyone feel like they could do it. Thank you for posting this beautiful and touching tribute to her life.
Rest in peace x
Suzanne F
It was my commitment to Windsor pilates videos that started my path to becoming an instructor. I've been out of the loop lately but finally, my studio opening is in the making. Her quote "Pilates lives on forever" is going to be posted on my wall somewhere...
"life ist short, but the work of Pilates will live on!" great words, big words! Pilates changed even my life! I am so thankful to be in the community as a youngster here!
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