Take a Seat<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 4130

Take a Seat
Amy Havens
Class 4130

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Lovely relaxing body movements, thank you Amy
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Thankyou Amy ..perfect at the end of a busy day! Feeling more mobile and mindful and privileged to experience your class. 
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Truly calming class. I loved all the natural flowing movements. So good to mix things up a little so thank you. Do hope puppy was OK?
Fiona O
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Great class Amy! I can’t do the sumo stretch due to an arthritic knee and foot. Do you have a variation I could try? 
Laura E
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Wonderful, I really enjoyed this class. Thank you
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Thank You Amy ❤️
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Lovely class, lots of great ideas which inspired my own class for this week, thank you. Don’t always need to be ‘stable’!!
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Thoroughly enjoying these at home sessions Amy Havens and it’s great to know when I can’t join live, I’ll be able to catch up on PA. thank you!
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Thank you Amy Havens 
Didn’t get to do this live but practiced this on a Saturday morning and it was a lovely, calm way to start my day. Thanks, as always, for sharing your time and space with us. See you Tuesday! 
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Great class with many different stretching exercises; I loved it ; I am feeling deeply relaxed...thank you Amy
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