Take a Seat<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 4130

Take a Seat
Amy Havens
Class 4130

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Thank You Amy, grazie bellissima classe
Julie C
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Got back from a sea swim and back slightly aching, was browsing what class to take and this one took my fancy and is perfect, nice steady and love the easy to follow explanations, will watch out for more on catchup.
Janet Melanie Tina Fiona Laura iOS Tania Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment for me, so glad you enjoyed this class!
Kerry Cigdem Francesca Maria Julie  thank you all so much, you really know how to make me feel appreciated!!
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Amy would you please do a restorative class focused on the rolling exercises? You said “I could do these for 30 minutes” and that sounds like a great class!
MFT , ah, I appreciate that you would like focus on the rolling exercises too!   I'd be happy to offer a restorative class focusing on this.... thanks for the suggestion!
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Thank you Amy, I feel so chilled now! 
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That was my intention GiorgiaGQ , wonderful!!
Cynthia G
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So glad I found this class today.  Did a lot of sitting yesterday and just so needed that primal move class and self assessment.  Great.
Glad this felt good to you Cynthia G !!
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