Seamless Mat Flow<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 4138

Seamless Mat Flow
Meredith Rogers
Class 4138

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Thank you for letting me come to your Home! Thank you for the class, love it! XOXO
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Loved this flow, especially the sticky foot raises - great challenge. Thank you for having us in your home!
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Thanks for the great class! Loved the extension sequence and all the the great stretches fluttered throughout the class. Only one little critique, it was a little hard to hear you at times. Otherwise enjoyed it very much! :) 
Shannon B
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Thank you for class!  It felt great :)
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Love this so much. All of our mat practices have been brought back to life over the past few months. #grateful
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More running - more magnesium :) great class thanks xxx
Thanks so much to you all for joining me in my home for these classes.  What a beautiful way to stay connected now more than ever before.
Hailee thank you for pointing this out! I will certainly keep in in mind for the future.
Ditta Z
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Hi Meredith, great focus on the breath. Truly reenergising - thank you so much!
Olivia C
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Absolutely unreal! Thanks Meredith! You rock - Love from Olivia, Melbourne
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Loved this class! Especial the ab work and the Spine Stretch with the flexion and extension added. Thank you!
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