Caged Lion<br>John S. & Kristi C.<br>Discussion 4140

Caged Lion
John S. & Kristi C.
Discussion 4140

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I could listen to John talk all day! Thank you Kristi, Jeff and all of the people who asked such great questions. Logging on to Amazon now to order my copy xox
Paola Maruca
I agree with Joanne. Could listen to John for hours. I hope to see him back on PA. I bought my copy during the interview and I am loving the book.
Interesting that he says Joe left Clara nothing which is just not factually true.  

It's also funny watching what he says today and comparing it to his testimony during the court case. Just not the same at all.  My favorite quote from then is when asked a question and he remembered Gratz name he said this "I deserve a lot of credit for remembering that name. I can't remember my kid's birthdays, but that name popped up." 

I guess i'll have to read it so i can give a review to see if any  other  statements made are factually true or not. Looking forward to comparing the actual documents to the memory.  be interesting to see how many discrepancies there are. 

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I have been waiting for this since you interviewed him at Pilates anytime.  I think this is going to be an important interview and book for the future. People may balk at the details being absolute. Thats not really the point. I think the real point is to have an overall sense of the man and the method.
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Hi Sean,  Glad you “have to read” the book. Perhaps the background of why I am so sure Joe left nothing for Clara will help you understand.  While it is of course possible that I am wrong (proving the absence of something is far harder than proving the presence) if so I would have to change a life-long impression of Clara, after whom I named one of my daughters.  For quite some time Arthur Steel, Dan Reid and Julie Clayburgh sent Clara $5,000 every month. She accepted it gratefully but reluctantly. Romana may of known about the payments - they were personal and not from the business -  but of that I am not certain. The payments ended when Ron Fletcher hired Clara and began his payments in connection with opening his studio. I know there is much in the book you will not like but as it was all in the past, I hope we can put that behind us. Pilates has survived a lot worse; I hope we can survive this...Best wishes...JOHN
Very interesting. Thank you Pilates Anytime from Australia. We are about to reopen our studios in 3weeks. I've heard Deborah Lessons interview on the lawsuit aswell. This is the first person I've heard has actually known Mr Pilates which is amazing.
I am in the process of reading this beautiful book which was recommended by Shari Berkowitz.  What a treat to listen to your process in writing it!  It is truly wonderful realizing that you worked with him and that the two of you had an indelible bond that is still with you.  Thank you that you shared that with us!
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Great to listen to this interview. I read the book last week and absolutely loved it! Agree with Jeff’s review... it’s a very slick, easy to read story and a brilliant balance between memoir and biography. Thanks to John for writing it and enhancing our understanding of Joseph Pilates and the history of our amazing method!
I, too, ordered the book during the interview. The interview was fantastic as is the book. The description of what was going on his mind before, during and after his first session was hysterical! His curiosity regarding  his dedication to his Pilates practice is something I share deeply. Although I haven't had  access to a studio and the apparatus for over two years,  I have maintained a Pilates mat practice and because of that I  experienced  Return to Life after an injury. Pilates?  I love it. It is magical. 
I can’t wait to watch this! just ordered the book!
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