Girl Time Live<br>Kristi C. & Meredith R.<br>Class 4149

Girl Time Live
Kristi C. & Meredith R.
Class 4149

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Thank you @Kristi and @Meri! I love all your girl time classes. I love the focus on deep connections while keeping a great pace. It's a sweaty afternoon in Barcelona but the time absolutely flew!! Thank you both
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I think its because you are having so much fun too, that makes time goes fast!! 
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Thank you ladies for letting us in on your girl time! You both are great and just keep it so positive! You are shining bright!! Bless you both!
Margie and Laura thanks so much for coming to join us and leaving such positive feedback!  We appreciate you.
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Thank you so much for another girl time session; I am very happy to see you together again....great class
Shannon B
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Thank you ladies for the girl time.  It felt like being in a class together and the practice felt amazing!
Christine S
Thank you so much Meri and Kristi.  Definitely makes these weird times and isolation less stressful. You are both wonderful teachers and it is a privilege to do classes with you xx
Thanks to both of you! My body feels relaxed with improved flexibility. Indeed great teachers!
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Thank you Meredith and Kristi.  You have inspired me to schedule my own girl time with those I can't travel to be with this summer xx
Lina S
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Nice flowing class. The same atmosphere as the previous Girl Time videos! Thank you Meredith and Kristi!
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