Girl Time Live<br>Kristi C. & Meredith R.<br>Class 4149

Girl Time Live
Kristi C. & Meredith R.
Class 4149

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Great Class. I have taken a number of classes from both instructors and enjoyed the tag team approach. Thanks Meredith & Kristi! 
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Brilliant class, just what I needed today. Thanks so much for the new classes
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I really enjoyed the class from both of you it has set me up for the day. Thanks for these at home classes.
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Thanks Kristi and Meredith for another wonderful class! Would love some more 2/3 Girl Time Live! :) 
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You guys are wonderful I love you!!! I remember when Girl Time first started!! I makes me smile every time! Pilates Nature

Thank you, everyone! We love doing these classes so much! Jeanne, you WERE there! Thank you! Gary thank you for exploring so many of the teachers and for the great feedback you offer as you do. Kristi, I highly recommend that you follow up on that idea! It really is worth it! 
Thank you all for joining us in our girl time.  We hope to be together in person again soon but until then this will just have to do.  Kristi Cooper  when can we do it again?!
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Thank you ladies! I didn’t get to join you live but thoroughly enjoyed this. Meredith Rogers I hope you weren’t feeling unwell to get a test? Kristi Cooper  will hopefully see you Thursday! 
Kerry I never felt ill.  I wanted a test because I had travelled to South Korea in February just as their cases were rising and I was worried I might be an asymptomatic spreader.  It took SO long for me to be able to get a test though that I may have been and not knew it.  Thanks so much for your concern.
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Thanks again ladies....already on repeat! 
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