Sweet Release<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 4153

Sweet Release
Amy Havens
Class 4153

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Lisa P glad this class gave you some relief and release!
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That was totally not what I expected but totally what I needed and I felt truly blissful.  Thank you! 
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I'm recovering from a minor injury so I can't do my normal workouts and this was just what I needed. Thank you for the guidance!
Kat D. so happy to hear this class was a good fit for you!  Thanks for being here!
Katherine S glad you enjoyed class.  Sometimes those unexpected outcomes are quite nice, yes?
Joanna T
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I feel so much better for this class - thank you.
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Dear Amy, 
I love you!
Thank you so much Joanna T and PARASKEVI M !  :)
Suzanne H
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hi, is it possible to get a link to the music you used, would love to use it in my Pilates class.
Suzanne H I sent you a message.... I'll try to find the music source.
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