Mat with OverBall and Towel
Amy Havens
Class 4165

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thank u Amy! I just got of an isolation of a week- not beeing able to get out of my home... My hole body felt so stiff- the Towel strech felt amazing :(
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Amy, I have a dog and kids and I understand the distractions!  Life happens.  Hopefully Luna and you are both doing well.  :)  I often don't have a lot of time to workout in the mornings before work so I liked the length of the class actually.  I really liked the towel tactile feedback on the back of the head which gave great awareness of length in this region so often neglected.  I felt great after this class, even shortened.  Thank you!
Thank you Alexandra and Amanda !!  Luna is good, she'll make an appearance sometime soon. Glad you both enjoyed this class!
Amy love this class!  I am starting to teach online next week and have 2 dogs.  They may interrupt my students who will know this beforehand but with them both seniors I find that their days are a lot about sleeping now.... 
Another great class, Amy! Another time when we felt connected with you and how natural and genuine your style of teaching is! We didn't have much time this morning and when you said that you had to go and look after Luna, we laughed and said 'we have to go too!' as if in sync! Perfect timing! We really enjoyed using the towel and the side bend stretches  were a-mazing. We are now looking forward to the other half of that class! Thank you again from both of us. x
Loved this as so nice to open up my hips and thoracic. Great cues and use of props plus you love your puppy- what’s not to like!
Thank you for a great workout, it was just what I needed in-between clients.  I hope the puppy is feeling better now :)
Thank you Amy. Great class. Perfect for combating too much desk work. 🙏
Thank you Amy, great class for undoing hours of sitting at a desk. Hope your dog is ok now.  I have a cat which often comes and sits on my mat when I'm doing pilates, if only I had her flexibility!
I have many cats  around me so I really understand  and appreciate you  Amy ; I always like your classes ; this was a short but delicious one; thank you so much
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