Mat with OverBall and Towel<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 4165

Mat with OverBall and Towel
Amy Havens
Class 4165

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Thank you, great stretch class, I have been playing golf and the exercises were targeting all the stiff and sore spots. When you have any chance, please record the complete program in a more relaxing setting. Thanks again.
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Using the towel to assist in the head lift was very fatiguing for my arms.
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Great first half of a class LOL I teach with my dog in my studio ( Jesse a Rhodesian Ridgeback)  He is very well behaved BUT when I zoom teach he lies by the computer and snores very loudly :D We all know the old saying NEVER work with animals or children.  Well done you - that must have been very distracting for you.  Hope your fur baby  got a big cuddle afterwards.
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Great class, thank you! No worries about the pup calling for you. We put peanut butter mixed with kibble in the Kong and freeze it. It lasts a bit longer. Cheers!!
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Love all your classes, complete or otherwise! And I hope Luna happy! Hope we get to meet her one day! Thank you!
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Thank you Lu Amy Debra Teri Sonia -- thankful you all understand the dog thing!!!  I'll try to film the other 1/2 of this soon.  Luna, my dog, is so sweet, she just wants to be in the room with me, but she'll want to wrestle and play, and not allow me to really give the class the way I intend to, ha!  She secretly wants to be on camera I think!!  
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Loved this class.  You were so professional even with the puppy barking in the background!!  I teach as well and my cat always joins me on my mat for part of the class and I panic in case I'll squash her.  But my clients love seeing her at the classes!  I'm also getting a puppy soon so it will be interesting to see how that all pans out when I'm teaching.  Thank you, you've made my morning.
Loved the class Amy, loving all your sessions over recent months!  Life is getting in the way of work for all of us right now so please don't worry and have a big cuddle with Luna! x
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Loved it. Instructor to instructor... my dog story is R-rated. My dog, Jones, loves to drag his "girlfriend", Shirley, the stuffed penguin onto my mat for a little action of his own while I'm teaching my mat class. I  toss the toy down the hallway repeatedly and he drags her right back to the mat, into the shot and insists on having a party during class. One day I threw that toy about six times and he brought it back every time.
You have fun with Luna!
BB Louisa Sarah you get it, and me!!  Yes, Luna was simply not happy being in my room in the other part of my house and my neighbors probably weren't either!  I just couldn't have her continue that extreme barking.  I'd prefer if she could be in my teaching space with me, but for our LIVE classes, unless it's a standing class, she just wants to be down on the mat with me, and it's really distracting!  I know all our fur babies want to be with us like this!!  :)
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