Arms and Abs<br>Mariska Breland<br>Class 4191

Arms and Abs
Mariska Breland
Class 4191

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Kristen This was the first in a series of 8, so there are more en route!
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That was a innovative little class! It’s amazing what the body can do when you connect the  mind with muscles. Thank you so much! 
Alex K
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I loved the triceps stretch anchored on my elbows. Never seen it before and it felt wonderful. Thanks Mariska
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Took this live and laughed through with your hilarious commentary and took again today on PA and really enjoyed it. The time flew and I feel like I go put a great workout...thank you!
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Awesome class! Thank you.  One of my top favorite instructors! 
Marci C
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Mariska, I love your classes! I think I learned about 20 new things about my body moving through this class. Love the variety and the way I feel at the end. Thank you 😊!!!!
Thank you! I'm always glad to hear people learn something new! (And most importantly that they feel good afterwards!)
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Thanks for a really "fun" workout Mariska!  I found this to be very challenging!  I love the follow your body remark...even when your body is asking for a nap and a pizza! 
I also agree that you are quite funny! Clearly, your husband is wrong!
I look forward to more classes with you!
Wendy B
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Thank you Mariska!!  This class was awesome.  I took it yesterday and feel my arms today - love it!  I also appreciate your roll me.  Thanks again :)
Wanda R
Best work out in some time. I really enjoyed your class. See ya again!
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