Go with the Flow<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 4194

Go with the Flow
Amy Havens
Class 4194

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Did this class this morning, EST.  Amy, I loved it!  Thank you for your creativity, your heart, and your fabulous teaching!  Also, for the end comments with a wink of your eye.  I can just guess...In any case, Pilates Anytime is truly a blessing for those of trying to maintain sanity in a crazy world!
Great job as ever Amy thank you. Sending love from here in the UK:)

Lina S
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Thank you Amy! I've discovered new exercises with the flex band. I don't particularly like the spine stretch forward, but I've felt it differently with the flex band. I like to learn or discover new things. This class was perfect at the end of my day.
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This class was such a nice blend of stretching and movement, that I didn't feel like i was in an exercise class (that is not a criticism). I feel stretched, lighter, and more toned. What a  pleasant hour~ Thanks Amy:) 
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I loved this class - I agree with Gary who said it was such a great blend and I particularly loved the hundred (breathing/imprinting) variation with band over shins.  Regarding inhaling and exhaling through the nose - please could you provide references of where I could learn more regarding this new thinking. Thank you Amy, love from Zambia x
Maria V
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It was very good. I am a beginner and it was a great challenge for me, even if it didn't at first  :) Thank You!
Joan Bee
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Great class, as always! Are you reading James Nestor's Breath? I am and have been focusing on nose-breathing. I especially loved breathing into the Theraband!
Wonderful as always!  Thank you Amy!
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Another great class; thank you Amy

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Amy! I watch the recording of your weekly live classes every Sunday. It was become my ritual: Sundays with Amy. I love every moment. Every word. Every ounce of love you give. I find my wholeness with your work. Thank you! ❤️
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