Shoulders and Side Body<br>Mariska Breland<br>Class 4195

Shoulders and Side Body
Mariska Breland
Class 4195

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Kristen G
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Great class! Thank you
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Thank you Mariska. Fantastic class!
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Ok I did the first 7 mins and my arms were already shaking (lifted heavy weights yesterday). LOL. Fun class, thank you!
Stacy Oh I feel your pain! My last workout in this series (nonstop mat) came right after I did after a really tough new workout from my trainer and my legs were absolutely dead. So, I blame that for my less than stellar performance (but I can't really blame it for me falling off the mat, because that was pure clumsiness). 😑
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Don’t know if it was a cue (“scream in your heart”), but I’m stealing it. The best!
Vicky it’s actually something that I read that a Japanese amusement park was telling its visitors to do on the roller coasters because of Covid. I thought it was so funny and so my husband and I have been saying “scream in your heart” for weeks. 😀
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Fab class
Forearm planks normally bother my shoulders, but you warmed them up so well, they did not complain:)  In the beginning ~quadruped position~ one forearm on the floor and twist~ popped many bones in my back:)  Also loved roll-down to one elbow (though i had to use leg and hand weights due to my larger torso and shorter legs~ which worked great).  Loved all the side planks and spinal rotation. Thanks again Mariska:)  
Gary I'm so glad it worked for you! I have very cranky shoulders, and the beginning exercises are things I do before I am doing a more intensive shoulder exercise. I also don't like a forearm plank (Team Full Plank over here), so I'm glad this one didn't bother your shoulders. 
Thank you Mariska for the wonderful variety of moves.
2 Q I have :
 Please explain to me this "trend", yes some years already..In quadruped, lower / upper body work with pelvis rotating. Is this a "goal, purpose " in it ,or just a modification for veariety ? . Mostly fighting to keep people in stable pelvis position  ! Now I want to know and be "hip" with new-ish stuff LOL

Also , did you have the surgery after the dog fall ?
You are looking great, but missed you for a while...
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