Shoulders and Side Body<br>Mariska Breland<br>Class 4195

Shoulders and Side Body
Mariska Breland
Class 4195

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Ileana - I had TWO surgeries on my leg after the dog park break and that’s also my MS affected leg, so it’s been a long road back. Thank you for checking in!

In terms of pelvic rotation - I don’t know about a trend or what other people are teaching, but my thought it to allow your body to move in range of motion that feels safe, because in life we can’t always be stable in one position. If someone’s body limits a movement, it usually has a good reason (for instance, my shoulder flexion is limited by my body recoiling from certain movements that don’t feel safe - probably from a combo of previous injuries and bad habits). So in this class, when I purposely create a lot of ranges of motion for my shoulders, I’m giving feedback that says “ok that was doable - how about this?” 

Was there a specific exercise where the pelvis wasn’t neutral that you’re wondering about? If you can let me know where it was in the class - that would help. I shot this a couple of months ago and then 6 more after it so I don’t remember everything I did. 🧐
really enjoyed loved all the rotation work, will defo check in next week 
So many lovely variations. Thanks for a great class Mariska.
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Amazing class!!!! Loved it. If I don't have a yoga block could I use something else? Thank you from Kangaroo Island Australia
Kate You could possibly try books or boxes if you have the right size? I haven't tried it, but make sure it's on something where it can't slip! If you figure something out, please let me know. :)
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I loved your class! My body feels amazing. You have an effortless way of cueing. All the spinal rotations have my back and body feeling connected, lose and strong all at the same time! Thank you
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My obliques are chattering with me today after having taken this class yesterday!! lol Awesome class. thank you 
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Loved it thank u
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Thank you for this class I really enjoyed it live and yet again and repeat. Your sarcasm in commentary keeps me entertained throughout
Angela S
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Well that 55 minutes went by so fast. Great class and I felt nice and strong today. Will be incorporating some of these into my class tonight. Thanks again! 
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